Why Does The Cannabis industry operate in Cash?

“Show me the money!” I want to dive into a topic that’s often overlooked in the cannabis industry: the art of dealing with large sums of money. Much like dating for the first time, handling significant amounts of cash can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out in the industry. But just as experience in dating helps build confidence, familiarity with money in the cannabis world can raise your tolerance and, more importantly, open up new opportunities.

When you find yourself in deals involving five, six, or even seven figures, you’re not just handling money; you’re immersing yourself in a culture that requires a unique set of skills. Being around substantial amounts of cash can actually help you manifest your financial goals. It shifts your perspective, making you focus on the bigger picture instead of stressing over small amounts. This change in mindset is essential. Instead of chasing after every single dollar, you can channel your efforts into making hundreds and thousands, understanding that these are the building blocks of your success.

Moreover, being around large sums of money teaches you invaluable skills, such as how to count and organize cash efficiently. Proper organization, like stacking bills in neat denominations and securing them with slips, not only streamlines the process but also reflects professionalism. These skills, often overlooked, are essential in the business world.

However, dealing with substantial cash also comes with its own set of challenges. It demands vigilance and caution. Protecting your assets and ensuring the safety of your staff and resources should be a top priority. This includes implementing security measures, maintaining confidentiality, and being discreet about your financial dealings. It’s crucial to keep a limited circle of trusted individuals who have access to this sensitive information, minimizing the risk of potential security threats or internal issues.

In the cannabis industry, where regulations and laws are still evolving, understanding the legal aspects of dealing with large sums of money is equally important. Ensuring compliance with local laws, including restrictions on firearms and security protocols, can safeguard your business from unnecessary legal complications.

Lastly, remember that money in the cannabis industry isn’t just a symbol of wealth; it’s a tool for empowerment. How you handle it, both practically and ethically, can influence your reputation and character. Treat others with respect, integrity, and fairness. Building trust and credibility will not only elevate your own career but also contribute to the positive growth of the entire industry.

So, as you navigate the intricate world of cannabis deals, keep in mind the lessons learned from handling money. It’s not just about the cash; it’s about the mindset, the skills, and the responsibility that come with it. By mastering these aspects, you’ll not only survive but thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the cannabis business. Until next time, stay mindful, stay safe, and keep growing.

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